Now and then I hear this and my instant response is ... what the hell does that even mean?  

Is our aim to be busy or to be purposeful?  Are we supposed to be actively avoiding something?  Like presence?  

It's almost like such a statement is coming from someone who is needing distraction and whose state of mind and life is unsatisfactory.  If I ever find myself in such a space ... keeping busy won't be my go-to.  Being IN PURPOSE and actively in alignment of my mission will be keeping me busy!

MIC DROP.  That's it.  I mean... what more is there to say?  How much can we create day to day?  SO MUCH!  Next time you say this or hear this ... slap your head.

Much love

Planning content can F with your creativity 

I'm serious.  If you're in the FLOW then stop calculating and just post as you go.

Thanks for coming through to read! And welcome to my new site.  I create content for my own culture content site LIFEVOCABULARY and also for clients who range from Artists, Creatives, Independent brands and businesses.  And one thing I know from experience is that calculating your content post by post can take away from your creativity.

You see... if you're in alignment with what you do and your day to day activity is in line with your STORY then posting/publishing content as it happens will be IN LINE with your brand.  Unless you're having to compartmentalise your activity (perhaps you have a day job that isn't part of your art/brand) then planning out what you want to share post by post, day by day, can take from you as a CREATIVE.

But I will argue that even if you have a day job which isn't your passion - and your passion is what you post about - then are you ever really switched off and tuned out from your passion?  I mean... your passion is YOU.  So even on your break you don't have something to tweet or post?

The TAKEAWAY is ... if you're in line with YOU then sharing on social channels should be easy.  It's also a matter of practice.  So don't overthink it.  BE IT.

Much love ... SERENA.