I founded the CULTURE CONTENT site in DEC 2016.  It began as a badly edited PDF download but was FULL of passion and meaningful content.  It evolved into a tumblr site as 'LV MAG' and soon established it's own identity as a PODCAST and review/features site without abbreviation.

MY MISSION is to create and share meaning.  To capture it and  to commentate on good music and cultural moments.  WHY?  To improve the status quo.  To delve into the grey area.  And to lift up Artists/Creatives/Independents.

I started out in PR/Content/Music in 2000 and have since been navigating a self cultivated independent path as a Consultant Strategist, Content Creator, and Creative.

I produce all podcast/video content in my private South London studio which also hosts fireside style collectives of creatives and leaders.

I ADORE music and mix it for my own pleasure and curated gatherings.